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U16 Conquest Captain Cadell Fraser-Robinson Signs Deal At Chelsea FC

Some of the best news possible came out of Chelsea's Cobham Training Ground today as after just one week on trial and his second game, Cadell Fraser-Robinson, our U16 captain has been offered a contract at Chelsea.

This is an unprecedented success given the age of Cadell and the particularly unusual situation of having an Under 16 signed from grass roots level football into a Category 1 Football Academy least of all Chelsea. He was initially put forward for a trial after we invited a senior Chelsea scout to watch our county cup game vs Hendon. 

Following this fixture on 08/10/17 Cadell was invited to train with the U16 academy group and did sufficiently well that he was asked to sign a 6 week trial form and get involved in their fixture vs Leicester. After winning this game 4-2 and playing a full 90 minutes, Cadell continued his training and played again today against Portsmouth, unfortunately losing 1-0 but still getting the full 90 minutes.

Thankfully, 15 minutes into the fixture Conquest received a phone call that indicated that Cadell Fraser-Robinson would be offered a contract at Chelsea with a view to earn his scholar before the season closes out. 

Cadell is a player that joined us with a bundle of raw ability but a definite necessity to improve key areas to his game, we have worked alongside him tirelessly both on and off the pitch to ensure that his development was tailored to the exact degree it needed to be in order for him to access the best possible opportunity to be signed somewhere. A lot of people have doubted his potential for progression and having the unwavering belief that we do in him we were massively happy to hear the news.

This is a major achievement for everyone involved and a huge congratulations must go to Conor Hayden, Harry Hayden and Abs Rayhan who played a vital part in his development alongside all of the players at Conquest who consistently push each other to new levels. 

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