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Michael Fernandes Signs Pro at Colchester United Football Club

In what proves to be an extremely sentimental signing for Conquest; we are absolutely delighted to announce that Michael Fernandes has just put pen to paper on a 2 year deal with Colchester Football Club. This will see Michael sign his first professional contract and form part of their first team setup in League 2.

For anyone who knows Conquest you will be acutely aware of how meaningful this signing is, this represents one of our earliest top performers and who despite the consistent doubters and constant moans of "he'll never play pro" has ALWAYS been earmarked for professional football by Conquest staff.

He is a character unlike any other and he deserves everything that he has got coming to him, he has an elite winning mentality, exceptional ability and a drive to succeed that simply will never relent. A special congratulations to him on this special day and a huge thank you for everything he's given Conquest in terms of commitment.

The biggest congratulations should be reserved for Michael himself who demonstrates a level of work ethic that can only be described as intense, he's faced more than his fair share of adversity and disappointment yet never did he doubt himself. He always knew this moment was coming and he prepared for it with a vicious intent. All credit to him.

Another huge thank you should go out to Conor Hayden, Harry Hayden and Abu Rayhan who have coached him from the age of 14 and shown him the correct level of support and advice that has built the foundation for him to push on. Let it show on record that Michael is now a pro, as always, he delivered.

Nothing is given, everything is earned. Look forward to seeing him on screen soon as we at Conquest are confident this is just the very beginning of a long and successful career in the game.

Stay posted, there's a few more yet.

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